About my shop

Hello, thanks for stopping by Edgewater Woodworking / Woodturning and looking at my store, You will find many special pens, wine bottle stoppers and other woodworking items, that are all handmade in my small shop. I have been making pens for years and I really enjoy it. I started making pens and wine bottle stoppers for family and friends for the holidays, did that year after year. Truly the “Girl Next Door” said your things will sell well online, so I started my Etsy store. I love trying new materials, wood, acrylic, etc on my pens, just to see what I can make that is new and exciting.

I also volunteer for the Annual Turn for Troops National Turn-a-thon, I’m a instructor teaching people of all ages (my youngest 7 to about 70 years old men, women and kids) to make pens to give to the troops, in the one day annual we make about 80-100 pens in 8 hours. During the annual Woodworkers show in Denver, a 3 day event, I teach people to turn with my turning club and also do a demonstration of my turning skills. Both events are very rewarding and fun.

My full time job is a Sr. Systems Engineer, Microsoft systems (it’s ok you can call me a Geek, a Sr. Geek after 18 years), that makes me very accurate in the shop like using digital calipers so I can make measurements down to a 1/1000 of a inch. I was a band manager and that love of music is still with me in the shop, two radios with a iPod playing 5,000+ songs.

I hope your not sleeping by now, if so wake up and get back to shopping. haha
Again thanks for stopping by.

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